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System Performance

Note: This page is used to illustrate the functionality of our console. No information will be updated or saved in the demo pages. Not all pages are available in the demo. However, we invite you to try out most of the links above.
The performance of a system depends on many factors, but is influenced most by the demand. This page shows the system performance over the last 24 hours, displaying graphs that illustrate the number of requests per minute, the number of simultaneous connections, and the response time for each request in that time frame.

Request Duration Breakdown

< 1 second
1 - 2 seconds
2 - 3 seconds
3 - 4 seconds
4 - 5 seconds
5 - 10 seconds
10 - 15 seconds
15 - 30 seconds
> 30 seconds

Requests Per Minute Over The Last 24 Hours

This graph shows the number of requests received each minute. Any spikes indicate a large number of requests made around the same time.
Note: This graph does not display requests made by bots, which may also influence performance. Please see the robot report for more details.

Concurrent Connection Count Over The Last 24 Hours

This graph shows the connections active during each request. Processing multiple requests at the same time will cause them to execute more slowly.

Response Times over Past 24 Hours

This graph shows the response time for all requests made by visitors to your site. Requests over 30 seconds are shown in orange and correspond to the scale on the right axis.