Technicaware - Creating Design
Technology & Software Reinvented

Who We Are

With over 10 years in industry leading experience, our software design team has worked with companies like Oracle, Vodafone, Tele2 Sweden, and Banco Popular.

We strive to make complex software more simple and intuitive, bringing only the best to you.

What We Offer

We offer solutions to your business needs on a platform that is both adaptable and reliable. Our software gives you the flexibility of a custom solution and the stability of a time tested tool.

Our Platform

Our platform keeps you up to speed on the operation of your website. You're able to monitor and manage all aspects of your site, including traffic, orders, forms, reservations, and more.

Our platform is built for you and your employees, enabling order & case management for your customers and clients.

Software as a Service

Our software is built as a service, meaning we handle all the technical aspects of the site, while you are free to focus on your business.

We do all this without compromising on the resources for your site. Your website will receive it's own dedicated linux instance on Amazon Web Services.


No two websites offer the same services. We work with you to adapt existing modules or develop specialty modules to meet the unique demands of your business.

That includes the user interface. We are able to apply the layout and design of your choice to your website.

Select Components

You pick and choose the components you need to run your website efficently. We allow you to choose from a wide array of website components, including measuring traffic, tracking user activity, handling online orders, managing financal transactions, handling reservations, and more.

Website Preview

Our process gives you the unique opportunity to experience your website before it goes live. We have a preview of your website available for you to try and tell us if something doesn't meet your expectation.

Pricing to Fit You

You select which components are right for you and your business and only pay for those. For more information on pricing, please visit our pricing page to get started!